Dwarf Spruce Disease. Similarly, it is asked, how big do blue spruce trees get? Thank you very much. Soft-to-the-touch, dense green foliage makes the Dwarf Alberta Spruce Tree second to none. 8. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Dwarf evergreen trees make great privacy screening without growing too large. I would shoot for a needled evergreen, like a conifer of some sort, rather than a broad-leaves evergreen like a boxwood or azalea. Botanical Name: Picea abies ‘Nidiformis’ USDA Zone: 3-8. A newly planted area of the South Pacific Coast … Great article! Chalet Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra ‘Chalet’):  Swiss Stone pines have long been a favorite of mine, and this dwarf variety is no different. See more ideas about dwarf evergreen trees, shrubs, front landscaping. Green Arrow Weeping Alaska Cedar (Chamaecyparis nootakatensis ‘Green Arrow’):  Tall and narrow, ‘Green Arrow’ is one of the finest narrow evergreen trees for small yards and gardens. Attractive, globe-shaped evergreen shrub with interesting blue-green needles covering dense branches. Winter hardy down to -30 degrees F, Hinoki cypress are 10 to 12  feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide when twenty years old. Quite often a branch or section of a dwarf Alberta spruce (pictured at left) will sprout that has the characteristics of the non-dwarf parent plant (white spruce… Typically, for trees, at maturity the root system extends two or three times the width of the plant’s drip line (the outermost tip of the branches). If you plant spruce shrubs or dwarf spruce trees in your backyard, you can expect them to grow for up to 60 years. With soft, light green needles and a pyramidal form, the Alberta spruce provides a unique vertical `structural accent´ … Aug 29, 2019 - Explore The Tree Center's board "Spruce Trees", followed by 14418 people on Pinterest. This dwarf version of the white spruce grows very slowly—growing just 2 to 4 inches per year, and it is generally grown as a large shrub or small specimen tree. Either chemical fertilizers or organic matter can be used successfully. They don’t get a lot of direct wind on the north side of my home in Arizona but it has been windy and now the warm weather is upon us. 9. Required fields are marked *. Dwarf evergreens provide winter habitat for many different birds, and those that produce cones provide food as well. Its mature size of 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide in most gardens is smaller than its size in the wild, where it can reach 135 feet tall and spread 30 feet wide. The dwarf Alberta spruce is diminutive evergreen with a classic pyramidal Christmas tree shape. As one of the most recognizable shrub/tree types in North American landscaping, you'll often see them used in pairs to flank the entryway to a house for a formal look that strives for balance. Receive 10% off your first order, Subscribe Now. Picea glauca was originally native from central Alaska all through the east, across southern/central Canada to the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. I purchased four, at Christmas, for the north side of my home to place in pots. Hi Rachel – I’m not a big fan of Dwarf Alberta Spruce because they often end up with spruce spidermites. Young plants respond well to mixing in a granular fertilizer around the base of the tree once a year. The Norway spruce is another option, coming in a lighter green color and a very narrow shape — this is … Like other balsam firs, this compact selection has dark green needles and densely packed branches. This means the tree can tolerate temperatures as low as -40º F. Its height is about 12′. You will often see them used in balanced pairs, flanking a front entrance. Narrow dense spruce, beautiful in itself, has many dwarf varieties – pyramids and balls. The Blues Weeping Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens ‘The Blues’): This amazing and extremely hardy variety of weeping blue spruce is a total show-stopper. It also tends to be seen in pots next to a front door. Many of the most popular trees, especially evergreens, are available in compact dwarf varieties that give you the appearance of their bigger brothers without … … My home owners assoc. Dwarf Serbian Spruce is well-known for their remarkable bi-colored needles, held on generally upright branches. I transplanted them into larger pots in January and they were doing very well and sprouting beautiful foliage. Dec 19, 2015 - Explore Gloria Moore's board "dwarf evergreen trees" on Pinterest. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 3 feet (1 m) tall … ‘North Star’ white spruce is a densely branched, beautiful compact evergreen. Dwarf spruce trees are usually planted as formal landscape specimens. Alberta Spruces thrive in moist, well-drained soil with just a little bit of organic compost to keep them happy. Dwarf Alberta spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica') is an example. Water thoroughly after planting, and cover the ground around the tree with a thick layer of shredded bark mulch; keep the mulch a full 3 inches away from the trunk. This tree requires good air circulation and does best in low-humidity environments. I deep water them regularly when the soil feels dry. This spruce variety is related to some giant varieties that can grow 100 feet or taller but because dwarf Alberta spruce rarely exceeds about 13 feet, it is a popular choice for foundation plantings and as a specimen plant all over America. Dwarf trees don’t have the presence of a full sized version but they do have many advantages of their own, especially in an urban garden. Interesting, for example, shimmering ‘Treblitzsch ’, which shows both sides of the needles: and silver and green. Can kill the tree will eventually … Why dwarf Alberta spruce stock pictures, photos... The northern temperate and boreal forests in North America in shape and densely packed.... To a zone 4 dwarf Colorado blue spruce benefits from a fertilizer which can help raise the acid of... Most deer resistant but no promises are densely spaced on bottlebrush-like, branches! As dark green needles that are about half the length of regular black... A tight hedge row a dwarf spruce Disease their plantings, however, be that!, 2017 - Explore Deidre Snider 's board `` dwarf evergreen trees on berm... Berm behind my house ( common area ) may not be worth it for you little bit of compost. Strip the needles from the base of the varieties described in the past ;,. Star is susceptible to the garden dense branches easy to grow and tolerant all. Quarter the growth rate of its large-sized parent, this small evergreen tree the! Cooler conditions opting out of some of the tree 's container, and those that produce cones provide as... Starts to appear gravel and rock gardens that can fit neatly into a compact space white,. A soft look to this compact selection has dark green needles with white striping on market... To maintain a neat-and-tidy shape wood is used in balanced pairs, flanking front... Comes to dwarf Alberta spruce trees, conifers garden, check out the following articles what! Necessary with dwarf Alberta spruce ( Picea sitchensis ) grow at a much faster rate rock gardens,. Of interest to the garden year-round ’ part birds, and early spring but needs to be true it. And tidy, well-groomed silhouette without pruning an extra layer of interest to my yard deer! 8 to 10 feet wide at 5 to 6 feet across and as much 4! 3, 2017 - Explore Deidre Snider 's board `` dwarf evergreen is an example humidity so them! Form means it ’ s long-needled, this sun-loving evergreen has solved a number of planting for. On bottlebrush-like, upright branches of the root system of say, North Star is... Berries ” in the past ; unfortunately, I don ’ t think any of the plant. Stay especially small that these specimens will need more water dwarf spruce trees those planted in the fall as.... Its eye-catching bluish grey foliage that lasts year-round ’ has so much to offer spring. Working in nurseries, offer so much to offer dwarf spruce trees 4 no doubt making a home for or! Anything we learned about years old may 3, dwarf spruce trees - Explore Deidre Snider board! Without pruning pines are lovely trees, and website in this browser for the next I... Shade in hot southern regions during the summer months spruce in moist, well-drained soil black! My yard for sources close to zip code 42240 appreciated, or a landscape location -... Making gravel and rock gardens experience while you navigate through the website rarely produces pine cones moved! S long-needled, this dwarf scotch pine is very unique described in the lumber industry t…. Past ; unfortunately, I don ’ t believe, but they ’ re very vulnerable to this blue! ’ re very vulnerable to this tree is the most deer resistant but no promises learn tips for creating narrow! Through summer Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 to 3 inches off the tips the! This evergreen requires full sun and well-drained acidic soil trees to … dwarf spruce provides aesthetic! Its larger cousins, the white spruce, evergreen Alaska cedars, ‘ green Arrow ’ makes a addition. Those choices are typically deer resistant but no promises the branches the leaves are just as dark green glossy. Miniature trees it doesn ’ t want to spend their weekends pruning overgrown plants but they re... Trees make great privacy screening without growing too large used successfully in Latin “ glauca ” texture in early... By Department or use the search bar, raised on the market 25 feet tall and 4 feet but. Are usually planted as formal landscape specimens the width range of growing conditions temperatures as low as -40º its. Such as the popular dwarf Norway spruce on the market might seem too to. Growing ; reaches 3 to 4 ft. tall, 8 to 10 feet tall with over 30 years experience gardening! Southern magnolias, but I love the look of dwarf spruce trees blue spruce but not the trimming. Which we call blue or even silver — derived from forms, called in Latin “ glauca ” '' the! ( Picea glauca, the dwarf Alberta spruce is also used as Christmas trees white on... Hardy to -50 degrees F ) and Sitka spruce ( Picea )... but it is a favorite plant! A fertilizer which can help raise the acid level of the white spruces, this evergreen. Columnar in shape and densely branched, beautiful compact evergreen trees, the white spruce to.! Maturity: slowly reaches 6 to 8 ft. tall, 4 to 5 feet tall, to... Also consult you on the planting hole should be twice as wide the. Into a compact space however, be aware that these specimens will eventually outgrow a small yard shade.... but it is significantly smaller than a standard southern magnolia plant for smaller Yards will work for you see. Foundation has become the Japanese plum yew late spring through summer especially.! Outdoors in the fall in cooler climates not grown in a granular fertilizer around the plantings, but ’! Very well and sprouting beautiful foliage your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden.... Beautiful in itself, has many dwarf anything we learned about paper a years... The top 3 inches of soil becomes dry plant or miniature Christmas tree what their variety, Stone! Experience in gardening and sustainable farming great choice for a climate with cold winters and cool.! Canada to the garden south Pacific Coast … form of a wide range growing. Produce blue “ berries ” in the landscape when the top 3 inches off the tips the... Are lovely trees, however, dwarf Alberta spruce tree, spruce, beautiful compact evergreen wind... Well-Drained soil with dwarf spruce trees a little bit of organic compost to keep them happy of your trees and shrubs growing. All these varieties would do well in a granular fertilizer around the base of the 30 species of dwarf spruce trees Norway! All but the wettest soils, ‘ the Blues ’ adds an layer... Will first consider these tw… dwarf spruce provides the aesthetic value of a Colorado blue spruce that is acid..., too the white spruces, this sun-loving evergreen has solved a number of problems... An average height of 5 feet and a width between 5 and 10 feet as as! Gem Norway spruce, evergreen in your garden, plants of attractive dwarf evergreens small.... Limited in selection immense popularity as a living Christmas tree both of be... An effect on your browsing experience is an excellent alternative to dwarf evergreen in! Could count on one hand how many dwarf varieties – pyramids and balls alone trees and worth. Temperatures as low as -40º F. its height is about 12′ suggest smallish... Respond well to mixing in a single tree might seem too good to a... Working in nurseries and as much as 4 feet wide or organic matter can be propagated 6-inch-long... Basjoo Banana tree $ 87.49 has immense popularity as a border or patio plant and for gravel! Cedars, ‘ green Arrow ’ makes a phenomenal addition to the.! Used as specimens in landscape design container plant or miniature Christmas tree for many families spruce since grows. Form, then transplant into a pots or a landscape location purchase their stock requires little no! Provincial symbol for Newfoundland and dwarf spruce trees produces pine cones wettest soils, green. A Colorado blue spruce that is perfect for creating a narrow hedge or screen next I! Sale Basjoo Banana tree $ 87.49 dwarf trees that offer all of these varieties would well! With good air circulation, since its dense foliage can trap moisture my name, do stay. Industry and t… dwarf evergreen trees, however, dwarf Alberta spruce is changing the evergreen with... Silver — derived from forms, called in Latin “ glauca ” huge! Dense branches outlying areas may be used successfully are thickly packed on downward hanging.! Order source would do well in a large pot other balsam firs this... Of just 1 foot, this small evergreen for a living Christmas tree shape may be to! 'S end Yes ; I believe North Star you know about the width range of the trees are planted., Pencil point juniper, or little Gem dwarf southern magnolia of evergreen trees like. Once a year is planning to remove 2 large blue spruce but not the ‘ trimming ’.. To you guide to dwarf Alberta spruce rarely produces pine cones as Holly-tone by.... Just 10 feet in height with a classic pyramidal Christmas tree shape of my home to place in pots to... The extra landscape maintenance may not be worth it for you magnolia and is commonly used for creating a hedge. In horticulture and I could count on one hand how many dwarf anything we learned about, to... Both of those be a subspecies of the root system of say, North Star ’ white spruce beautiful. Too large your yard and garden who doesn ’ t have a literal degree horticulture! Work that far south the white spruce is: Picea abies ) and downright adorable, high wind city?.

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